First blog post

Something that has really helped me through my fertility journey is reading other people’s stories.

I decided it’s time to tell mine.

I am in a same sex relationship and been married to my wife for almost 8 years. Babies have always been part of our plans.

I was pretty clueless in the beginning of our fertility journey. I had never had to worry about getting pregnant before and I knew plenty of people who got pregnant at a drop of a hat, or who got pregnant by accident. I thought getting pregnant would be easy.

How wrong was I.

I have now had three donor insemination procedures, one fresh ivf and two frozen ivf transfers. I’m currently waiting to have another round of ivf. Also as I’m married to a woman I get no help from the NHS.

I will go over my experiences, things I’ve found helpful and things I wish I’d known my in further posts. I hope reading this may help other people on their journeys, as reading other people’s journeys has helped me.


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