Egg sharing

Egg donation was discussed with both myself and my wife right from the beginning. We were both young and healthy and as we were using an anonymous donor to provide us with sperm, we felt comfortable with the process.

After 3 failed IUI cycles egg sharing ivf seemed like the best choice for us. I got to help someone start their family while increasing the odds of starting mine with ivf.

I was given counselling sessions, answered lots of question on my family and had to have numerous blood tests. However with ivf, regardless, there always seems to be blood tests.

Once everything came back, the clinic paired me with a recipient. Everything was anonymous. I wrote a pen portrait giving details about myself in case the recipient or any future child wanted to read it. Having picked our own sperm donor really helped here, as I knew what I had found helpful to know in their pen portrait.

From saying I wanted to go ahead until having the ivf took around 5 months. It can take longer.

I am currently waiting to egg share again and as I had a health scare the the recipient had some things going on in her life, things have taken 8 months so far. Egg sharing can feel like a lot of waiting around at times.

If anyone is reading this and considering egg sharing, I found it a positive experience. When my ivf failed, I felt that at least something good may have come from it for someone else. After my egg retrieval the nurse came and told me that the recipient really wanted me to know how thankful she was for what I was doing. I had hyperstimulation and was in so much pain and that thank you really helped me feel better.

I decided to wait for almost 2 years before finding out if the recipient had had a baby. I needed time to concentrate on myself and my own feelings. The doctor found out thr information as soon as I asked and I was offered support and counseling if needed.

They told me that my eggs had resulted in a live birth. I worried beforehand that I would feel jealous or upset but I just felt relief.

I knew my eggs could not just make embryos but an actual living baby and that gave me some hope.

I felt happy that I had helped someone and part of me felt relived that my genes were out there in the world somewhere.

I knew straight away that I would egg share again. Health permitted I will be soon.

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