I am not very good at all the ivf acronyms but I have googled them all and figured out I am 1dpr.

My egg retrieval seems like days ago rather than yesterday. So far no ohss so I’m thrilled.

I was in theatre for an hour. My wife was really worried especially as I was wheeled down the corridor quickly as my oxygen levels were low. Lucky I was oblivious to the whole thing. My wife was a wreak by the time I came round and they let her in.

They got 25 eggs which was still on the high side but at least less than last time. I ache today but it’s nothing like the pain I was in last time.

I’m spending time really taking care of myself so my body can heal. I’m eating lots of protein and plantly of fresh vegetables. I have my hot water bottle at the ready and am drinking tons of filtered water. I just hope I can stay positive and calm for the next two weeks.

I’m waiting for the clinic to call to let me know how many embryos I have. I always worry about having so many eggs that the quality will suffer. I just hope there’s some good ones in there that can make it this time.

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