Day before transfer

Right now I’m pretty relaxed. My embryos are safe at the clinic, I feel well and am mainly recovered from my op.
I have been cooking new receipes, going for walks in the sunshine and reading good books. However I know tomorrow things will change. While my embryos are at the clinic they are being watched and monitored but once they’re in my body then who knows.
I wish there was someway of knowing. A special machine that could take a look maybe. 

I hope I can keep my mind busy.

My clinic recommends taking the whole two weeks off so I have been signed off work right up to test day. Its great to have the time to rest but work does distract me and keep me busy. However considering how stressful work can be may be it’s a good idea to have a break.

Looking online some clinics recommend going back to work quite quickly. It’s odd how clinics can vary so much.

3 thoughts on “Day before transfer

  1. Wow two weeks off post transfer… I’ve heard a few days and my own doctor just says one day of rest and then back to normal… I wouldn’t mind getting a couple of weeks off but honestly I know that work will keep me distracted during that waiting period! Crossing fingers and toes for a successful transfer for you two!

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