Day after transfer

Yesterday was transfer day.

Everything went well and to plan. They recommended transfering just one embryo this time as it had got to blastocyst stage. I have three to freeze and they were leaving the others until today to see of any catch up and can be frozen.

I had acupuncture after and did some meditation. My wife came upstairs and I had fallen asleep while listening to my meditation music so I must have been relaxed. I also had my hair cut which again was relaxing and pampering so I felt really positive and good at the and of the day.

However during the night I could not sleep. The weather has been very humid and sticky. I worried that I was too hot which would damage our embryo, I worried that not sleeping would damage our embryo and, of course, I worried that worrying would damage the embryo. I had some of the oddest dreams. In one I was stuck on a rollercoaster and wasn’t strapped in. My wife said it sounds just like your dreaming about ivf.

I woke up in a bit of a mood this morning however I am feeling a little better now I’ve had breakfast and am watching rubbish tv. I am hoping my mood it’s to up and down today.

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