I still have no cramps or feeling or anything to suggest I’m pregnant but on a positive note there is no signs that my period is coming either.

I saw my sister yesterday and she is currently pregnant with her third. I asked her about her symptoms and speaking about it helped me relax a little and put things into perspective.

She told me she felt no symptoms for her first and had no idea she was pregnant until days after her period should have arrived. For her second she said she just knew she was pregnant straight away. No symptoms just a feeling. For her third she had really bad period pains for a week and had no idea she was pregnant. She told me the only thing that was the same for all three was terrible diarrhea the day after her period should have arrived. My other sister had the same issue. I’ve never wished to get diarrhea before in my life until now.

There’s not long now to go until I find out for sure. I feel more relaxed about it right now however that’s pretty up and down. I never thought wanting a baby would take over my life as much as it has. Every so often I just need to stand back from it all and appreciate all the things I have in life instead of just focusing on having a baby.

That’s my plan for today.

2 thoughts on “6dp5dt

  1. This is such a great post! I keep reading other blogs and it makes me feel like not having many symptoms is an issue and makes me think my 2ww will be for nothing. It’s great to hear about people that don’t have any symptoms. I read the NHS website yesterday and most people don’t experience symptoms until after they find out they are pregnant – after 4 – 6 weeks. So this makes me happy!! I am exactly the same as you – 6dp5dt. Hoping and praying you get a positive result 🙂 xx


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