What makes a mother

I’ve been thinking a lot the last week. I’ve never had a chemical pregnancy before and I have been confused by what is happening and what my body is doing.

My clinic have told me it happens and they expect my body to return to normal soon but that’s it. My appointment with the doctor is 2 weeks away and that seems like a long time before getting answers.

So I have started to Google things in the hope of finding answers. I didn’t get answers that made sense but I did read something that made me think. I read someone’s thoughts on their chemical pregnancy and how it made them feel like a mother knowing that they were pregnant even for such a short time and how no one could take that away.

I starting thinking of what makes someone a mother and what that means to me.

I may not have a child but I know I am sometimes a mother anyway. I have been told I can be like a mother sometimes at work. I am just like a mother when I take care of my nieces and nephews and read them stories and play hide and seek. When I tell them off and sit them on the step. When there have been potty related disasters. I love them unconditionally even though they are not my children.

I know I can be a mother. It’s inside me. It’s part of me I just don’t have my own child.

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