Taking care of me

After my previous failed ivf cycles I went from eating a healthy diet to gorging on cake, biscuits and sweets in the month after failure,  just make myself feel better. My hormones took ages to right themselves and I felt crap. I put on weight and felt run down for months.

This time I have decided that’s not going to happen. I’m going to continue to eat well and take care of myself. I’ll still eat cake but not in a gorging until I feel sick kind of way.

I had an email the other day for a free online nutrition course. I decided to sign up as it’s free and hopefully will I’ll stay motivated to stay healthy and well.

I am trying to give my body chance to heal and recover. I have also tried to give myself time to relax so my mind can recover however I find it hard to relax and give myself space.

I grew up in a family where showing your emotions was seen as a weakness and you just sucked it up and carried on, so I find it hard to let go and let myself be sad. I’m working on this and hopefully by letting go I can keep moving forward.

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