To blog or not to blog

I started this blog to diary my thoughts during my ivf cycle in the hope writing all my random thoughts down would help. Thankfully it helped. Knowing other people had the same thoughts and my feelings were normal helped me through the ups and downs. I wish I’d done this sooner.

The problem is I am currently not trying for a baby. My ivf is over and I’m not in the position to have more for a while. So what do you do with a fertility blog when your not trying to get pregnant for a while?

I have enjoyed writing my thoughts down. My posts are not always well written or well thought out but it felt good to get everything in my head out.

I’ve thought about writing about other things. My fertility has changed my life in many ways. I eat differently, do meditation, accupunture and I try to take time away to relax. I’m a different person now than I was five years a go. I have things I can write about however I would need to actually think about what I write and put some effort in.

My other option is to park my blog until I am ready to try ivf again.

Maybe I’ll take some time to think this through.

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