The next step

So I met with my fertility consultant yesterday. As always they don’t know why things didn’t work. My blastocyst was the best quality you can get and should have worked. He said things don’t always work as expected and he’s seen the best embryos fail and the worst ones make it.

On the plus side they will do some investigations on the nhs. They will use a camera (sorry I can remember the real name for this) to look at my womb and if needed remove my fibroid again. The fibroid is so small he doesn’t think it is effecting implantation but will look at it just in case.

He also suggested further tests on natural killer cells. All my blood tests came back fine however Coventry uni is doing extra research and I can put myself forward for this. I have to pay £360 but the results are more accurate than the blood test apparently.

I can also be given blood thining medication. Again my blood tests were normal but my consultant said it would hurt if I had blood thining medication anyway.

The main thing he advised was to spend time recovering and not to to rush into any decisions.

Right now my brain needs to process everything. I have four blastocysts in the freezer and they are of good quality (not as good as the last one but not bad either). I have options and things to consider. All I can do is hope.

4 thoughts on “The next step

  1. I forgot, did you get an endo scratch done already to help with implantation? It’s so weird and crappy how unpredictable blastocysts are and how objective the embryologist assessments are (they’re purely visual so not always accurate). It took me four cycles to get my recent BFP after the first three blasts failed. I also, even with negative blood test results, insisted on getting prescribed Prednisone for extra immuno-support during the last cycle. Who knows though still what makes them stick or not. It’s hardcore 😦


    1. Congratulations on your bfp. Yes I had the endo scratch on this cycle and on the 2 fet cycles before that. My consultant feels this new test is more accurate than the blood test so it’s worth trying.


      1. Gotcha. Yeah I read after I had my Immunology tests that there were better ones out there but unfortunately my doctor didn’t believe in them in the first place. Crossing fingers and toes for you!


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