So it’s exactly four weeks since I found out I wasn’t pregnant.

I therefore decided to look over all my old posts and reflect on all the feelings, from the hope and positivity that is was going to work through to the sadness and anxiety when it didn’t.

It’s odd to see it all written down but therapeutic nevertheless. My emotions are still all over the place but I’m excepting of that. This is how it is, it’s not fair but lots of things aren’t.

I have the next week off work and will use the time to relax and pamper myself. To reflect and to move forward. To recover and heal.

2 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. I did something similar with my scrapbook that I made about our infertility journey. I looked back at it after our failed cycle and it was tough (tougher than I thought it would be) but also good for me. I needed to let those emotions out, and was able to do that by looking back on the feelings and emotions I was having during those times. Best of luck to you as you continue to heal. XOXO

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