The need to just run

We have walked everywhere this week, across beaches, through pretty villages and across woods and it’s felt good to get air in my lungs and just walk. 

I have felt an urge to run. Just put on some trainers and just run.

I used to run before I started my journey to have a family (I say run, but it more of a slow jog but run sounds better). I stopped running as it isn’t meant to be good for fertility and did yoga instead, but I miss the time to think and clear my mind, which I achieved when I ran. 

My life insurance company has an offer on for half price running trainers so I keep thinking of ordering some, putting them on and just letting go. 

A little part of me is still saying – running is not good for fertility, so if you run you’ll never have a baby. 

Sometimes I wish Google was never invented and I wouldn’t have these little things in my head about what is good for fertility or not. I’m a grown woman and I know that getting pregnant is really not as black and white as not doing this or only doing that, but infertility changes you sometimes. Sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. 
I better order my trainers now before I talk myself out of it. 

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