The big 35

I’ve never worried about age before. I’ve known people who have been beside themselves because they are turning 30 and I’ve alway thought why stress it’s just a number. No worries. 

35 seems different. In less than 3 weeks I’m 35, the age when your fertility goes down hill. It’s made me panic a little. I know this is silly, my mum had my sister when she was 46, but here I am imagining all my eggs slowly deteriorating. 

I’ve worked out when I need to have treatment again so I can have a baby before I’m 36. I don’t know why this matters but right now it does. Infertility does odd things to your brain and makes you feel out of control. 

To make 35 less crappy I am having three birthdays. A night in a spa with my wife, a cocktail night with friends and a family meal out of my choosing. God know what I’ll be like by 40. 

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