Smoothie does it

I have avoided writing anything for a while as I didn’t feel I had anything to say. My fertility journey is pretty stagnant at the moment. I have no plan to follow or dates to work towards.  

I have however been taking care of myself. My diet has been important now for sometime. I have been eating for my fertility and health, and on the whole eat a well balanced diet. Part of my fertility preparation was having a daily smoothie and I have kept up this daily smoothie routine even now I am not having fertility treatment. 

I haven’t had the baby I wanted but I have seen positives from my diet. I have had lots of complements on my skin and generally feel healthier. I have lost a little weight and have more energy. My periods are on the whole on a 28 day cycle.  

Anyway I have been reading a lot about the benefits of turmeric and have brought some turmeric root. However once buying it I wasn’t quite sure how to use it as I have only used powder before. I read it can be used in smoothies but was slightly concerned my smoothie would taste like curry. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised and it tasted great. 

Just incase anyone reads this and wants to make a turmeric smoothie I used half a banana, frozen pineapple, a small carrot, yogurt, bit of water and a knob of turmeric.  

Really not as gross as it sounds. 

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