Biopsy results 

So I finally got my biopsy results. They confirmed I ovulated and my glands are working normally but my natural killer cells are very high. Apparently they shouldn’t be above 10% at the time my biopsy was taken and mine were 36%. 

So I have to go back and have the biopsy again (it’s free this time) to check for infection. I also need to have my fibroid removed before having the biopsy again. I’m hoping they will sort that asap but as it’s on the NHS I’m unsure how long I’ll have to wait.  

There a high chance I’ll need steroids on my next ivf. 

I’m glad I might have an answer as to why my embryos failed but I also feel sad that I had to wait this long and my embryos never had a chance. 

Hopefully I’ll know more about my fibroid this week however I think it’s unlikely I’ll be having ivf before Xmas 

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