Bye bye fibroid 

I haven’t written for a while but today is fibroid removal day. 

I’ve had it removed before but of course it came back so this is take two. Luckily it’s being removed on the NHS but by my normal fertility doctor, and as I am already his patient I haven’t had to wait months on a waiting list. Yay. 

I have had my light breakfast and washed in the lovely antibacterial wash they give you. Washing all my hair in it was a nightmare. People always say long thick hair looks lovely but washing it in antibacterial wash is not pretty. I’ll also be unblocking the bath plug hole for the next week. 

Anyway I can now relax until 10.30 then it’s off to the hospital I go. 

Fingers crossed if all goes to plan today then I’ll be having my FET in December. Eeeck, that will be ivf number 5 

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