Fertility cleanse

So I decided a fertility cleanse was in order. Work has been stressful and I have been reaching for a biscuit tin.  Last week I had a odd red eye and a blotchy face so I decided I needed to look after myself a bit. 

I’m still hoping for my FET to go ahead in December so could do with sorting myself out. 

I decided a detox and cleanse was in order. I’ve read a lot of stories on fertility cleanses and people seem to have positive stories.  So the last few days I’ve been eating a lots of fruit and vegetables (I eat a lot anyway so this really isn’t difficult).  I’ve also brought some bentonite clay in order to detox. I’d never heard of it before last week but I had an email from nutiseed (great website for health food, much cheaper than holland and Barrett) and it was on their list of new items. 

So I looked up the health benefits online and it sounded good so I ordered some. So now before bed I’m drinking half a teaspoon of clay desolved in water. It’s surprisingly not disgusting.  It does look disgusting but doesn’t taste bad. You can also bath in it and it pulls the toxins out. 

I’m mot sure if detoxing is really my thing but I decided it won’t hurt. I eat relatively well generally. So far no terrible side effects although I’m the windiest person in the world right now. Not sure if this is vegetable or clay induced. My odd red eye has gone so that’s a plus.

Just need to sort out the stress. If only that was easy. 

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