Little changes 

Two days ago I panicked I HAVE LESS THAN 5 WEEKS BEFORE FET. I’m not ready, not fit enough, not healthy enough. My wife just looked at me and said stop being silly your completely ready. you’ve done so much to get yourself ready. 

So I decided to go over all the changes I’ve made and all the things I’ve done. My life is different because of infertility. I my healthier and fitter. I eat superfoods that I had never heard of before infertility, I have smoothies, eat organic where possible.  Gone are my daily chocolate bars (talking about the massive sharer ones), cereal loaded with sugar and cups of tea. Instead I eat so much more healthy foods, drink herbal tea and try to exercise several times a week. 

There have been times I have need very underweight and slightly overweight but right now my body is just right. It works as it’s meant to. I’m not anemic and tired all the time. I’m not getting colds every two minutes. 

It’s strange how infertility can change you over time. little bits change here and there.  You try things you never thought you would. I never thought I’d go to an acupuncturist every 6 weeks or eat royal jelly and maca powder. I never thought I’d go to waitrose to look for organic fruit (I am ashamed to say I have a special waitrose posh voice, which my wife makes fun of), or grow different varieties of tomatoes in my garden. 

Infertility has made me stronger, I fight for things I want. I’m not sure I would have fought so hard for the job I have. I would have told myself I couldn’t do it, wasn’t strong enough. 

Infertility and all the little changes are part of me now, good and bad, ingrained into who I am. 

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