I’ve been trying to plan ahead and get ready for what this round of ivf throws at me. So when my friend suggested we signed up for a mindfulness course, I decided it was just what I needed. 

Yesterday was our first lesson and I ready enjoyed it. We did mindful eating, mindful walking and scanned our bodies. We discussed letting yourself feel but not letting emotions run away with themselves, take over us and how our brains like to add stories and exaggerations to the initial feelings making them seem a whole lot worse. I came away feeling exhausted but good. I let myself be, let myself feel and I really needed that. 

Obviously I need to practice. Ten minutes every day is recommended. I’ve decided to eat mindfully everyday as I tend to eat like a pig and I do not chew properly. I’ll see how that goes. 

I have two more lessons and the last one falls on the week I’m doing the frozen embryo transfer so it’ll properly do me some good. 

On top of the mindfulness I’ve also been trying to limit my exposure to toxins. I’ve been cleaning with environmentally friendly, nontoxic cleaners for a while and today finally made my own body lotion from cocoa butter, coconut oil and olive oil. I’ve always been interested in the environment and been a little bit of a hippy and infertility seems to be pushing me a little further down that road.

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