Looking to the future 

Yesterday I was planning to write something about my injections and how they were going but didn’t get round to it so thought I’ll write that tomorrow.  

It doesn’t seem right to write that now. 

My last ivf round ended with a negative result just before brexit.  I really questioned carrying on trying for a baby. Things seemed to change. People were suffering abuse in the street all because of a European accent or different skin colour. Suddenly all these people seemed to have justification for far right views. I always knew these views were out there but never thought on that scale. 

I worried for my future children living in a world like this, especially as they’d have two mummies.  

In three weeks I’ll be having ivf number five and the world just seems more unstable and more filled with hate. I wondered this morning if I’m doing the right thing. My hormones are all over the place which does not help. 

But the more I think about it I know I’ll teach my children right from wrong, to care for others and be respectful.  I can’t change other people but I can be the best person I can be and hope that is enough. 

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