First week on meds

So I’ve made it a week on suprecur so far. I have had some headaches but nothing to extreme. I have been a little emotional but mostly about work stuff. Work has been so busy and unfortunately my boss isn’t very sympathetic to what I’m going through and just keeps piling more and more on top of me. I’ve nearly cried twice this week from all the stress. 

I’m just waiting for my period now. 

Also I thought I’d share what I have found out about different supplements in pregnancy. To be honest it seems like a minefield. I have always liked to research before my two week wait to make sure I do not do anything to jeopardise my chances.  I know people get pregnant all the time eating things they shouldn’t. I have a friend who was on an extreme, almost starving herself diet, who got pregnant and another that was so drunk the week before she found out she was pregnant we had to carry her to bed. 

Anyway I have been eating lots of superfood supplements in the run up to my frozen egg transfer and it turns out most are untested on pregnant ladies. 

I found a lot of sites that encouraged use of different supplements but they all seemed to sell them so I didn’t feel I could trust them. In the end I found livestock com, and webmd the most useful. So here is what I found

Bee pollen – this turns out not to be safe. also if either parent has an allergy to bees than can be dangerous to the baby. I’m not allergic to bees but I’m using donor sperm so who knows on the guy. So I won’t be eating been pollen or royal jelly. It can interfere with blood thining meds as well and I’ll be taking blood thining meds during my 2ww

Acai – this seems to be a powder that has not been tested on pregnant women. So affects are unknown. 

Wheagrass – this again hasn’t been tested. There seems to be some benefits and some negatives. I found the same for spirulina powder. 

Baobab – again not tested on pregnant women but eaten by pregnant women in Africa. 

Maca – again not tested on pregnant women but eaten by pregnant women in Peru. Can interfere with ivf meds.

I’m definitely not going to have been pollen or maca but I’m not sure whether the others would be ok in very small doses and not everyday. I still have some time to think about it 

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