This weekend I went to a spa. It was arranged before I was even considering more ivf but worked out well. I have been so stressed these last few weeks and a spa break was just what the doctor ordered. Also as I’m still a few weeks away from embryo transfer I could still go in the sauna and steam room. I also decided a glass of wine with dinner wouldn’t hurt. 

Friday morning there was no sign of my period. Nothing at all. But as soon as I felt my body relax there it was. As pleased as I was that it was here and my treatment could now go forward a spa weekend is not very period friendly. 

So yesterday my period was the worst it’s ever been. Even super plus tampons needed changing every hour. When you’re trying to swim this is not ideal. I almost went the whole day without incident but then the inevitable happened. Fortunately I was wrapped in a towel at the time it happened and was close to a toilet. As far as I am aware no one saw but I still had to go back to my room to change into a different swim suit. 

I was on the break with friends from school so we know each other well and were able to laugh about it. I also felt comfortable discussing the injections, hot sweats and ivf. I worry about telling people but sometimes you need just a few people to confide in. 

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