Best laid plans

So today was the day I went back to the clinic to have a scan to make sure my womb lining was thin after my period. Today was the day I got my plan set out for my frozen egg transfer. 

The nurse had my plan set out with dates and details ready for me after my scan. All she had to do was check my lining and I could see my plan. I saw the first page laying on the side with different bits highlighted.

I told her all about my horrendous heavy period and how I was surprised there was any blood in my body let alone my womb. I thought I was being very funny and I always find joking before a scanning implement, covered in a condom, is put in your bloody lady parts, lightens the mood. 

As soon as the scan started she told me she’d have to get the other nurse to check everything as my lining looked far to thick. The other nurse came and sure enough my womb lining, even after my horrendous period, is 9mm. It should be 6mm at the maximum. 

So my lovely highlighted plan was left behind never to be seen. I have to go back next Tuesday and hope my lining is thinner. If it’s not then my FET is cancelled until the new year. I have felt so disappointed today and my period seems to have stopped all together.  I just hope it comes back. 

4 thoughts on “Best laid plans

  1. One thing I’ve learnt through this process is that my body never wants to play ball. One of my friends said to me…at least this means you can enjoy Christmas and new year without worrying about the odd tipple and can then start the new year a fresh. So try and relax and enjoy the holidays!


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