I have been avoiding writing anything or even reading anyone else’s posts for over a week but decided I needed to write something. 

My meds were stopped a week ago last Wednesday and my frozen embryo transfer was cancelled. I thought the hot flushes were bad enough on suprecur but coming off it suddenly I was hit with constant hot flushes and the worst headaches ever. My body has been all over the place. My hormones have been up and down, with me feeling sad one minute and hyper the next. I’m just starting to feel like things are settling down and I am more like myself. 

At least with ivf they normally give you other hormones so that your body is in some kind of rhythm but my body is stuck in the menopause. My own hormones temporarily turned off. 
I’m just waiting for my period now so I can start this all again. I just hope it comes when it should. Sometimes it feels likes I’m on a roller-coaster which no way off. 

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