I’m booked in for a scan tomorrow morning to check my lining and fingers crossed it’s all set for frozen transfer on 24th. 

I’ve been more relaxed this time around. Normally I am grinding my teeth and wide awake in the middle of the night at this stage. So far I’m sleeping well and feeling OK. The HRT tablets are giving me the worst constipation but I can cope with that. 

I’m booked in for acupuncture both before the transfer and on the day of the transfer so hopefully I’ll stay relaxed. I might try and get a back massage booked in over the weekend so I’m as relaxed as I can be. 

One thing I have found is happening this time is random periods of worry. Luckily they don’t last long. My main worry is around being a terrible mother. It seems to randomly sneak up on me, this fear that I’ll be rubbish at motherhood.  I’m not sure where this worry is coming from. I need to worry about getting pregnant before I worry about motherhood. It’s odd what things pop into my head. 

2 thoughts on “Worry 

  1. Good luck! I 100% have had these worries, one night mid stimms I literally did not sleep as I was panicking about childcare! Thinking we can’t afford it what will we do?!? I think ttc does crazy things to your brain! X

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