All set for next week

So yesterday I went to the clinic to have a scan to check my womb lining and thankfully it’s 9.5 mm which they are happy with so the frozen embryo transfer will happen on 24th February. 

My last suprecur injection was this morning and the progesterone pessaries start tonight. However I’m not free from injections for long as I start my blood thining injections on Thursday. Remembering all the tablets etc has been a bit of a challenge but so far so good. 

I feel generally prepared and I’m looking forward to having some time off work. I’ve got books and magazines ready and hopefully I will relax. I’ve sorted out some recipes so I can bake as that always makes me feel good. I have also booked in Internet shops so I do not have to worry about shopping during the 2ww. 

I am giving the house a spring clean this weekend so I do not have to worry to much during the 2ww. I have also sorted a cleaning list for my wife. I know I’m a control freak but I find an untidy house causes me stress. 

I’ve just got to get though this next week and try not to stress to much. I just hope my embryos defrost OK and that the blood thinners and steroids make a difference this time. Fingers crossed 

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