Evening before transfer 

So tomorrow is frozen embryo transfer day. It seems like it’s taken a lot to get here this time, with my false start back in November. 

This morning was my first fragmin (blood thining)  injection. The leaflet said to inject in your tummy or side of your thigh. I thought my stomach would be easier but I was very wrong. It went in OK then it stung like a million bees. Not quite what I was expecting. 

My wife works in a hospital and told me she thought patients overreact when they are given fragmin. I assured here they do not and it bloody hurts. 

My sister has had fragmin before and told me the side of the thigh is not so painful so I’m trying that tomorrow. 

I also have four steroids to take every morning on top of the HRT, preconception multivitamins, and omega 3 tablets. I feel like I’m running a pharmacy. 

I’m pretty sure I’m as organised as I can be for the morning. I just hope I can sleep well tonight. 

4 thoughts on “Evening before transfer 

  1. Ouch, I was on Clexane which is similar to Fragmin. I found it was least painful when I pinched my belly REALLY hard as I injected it, and resist the urge to rub or touch the injection site later. After a few days it only felt like a few hundred bees instead of a million 😉

    Good luck tomorrow!

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