Yesterday I felt terrible. I woke up with the worst period pains and trapped wind. My stomach was so bloated and sore. I had some pink spotting which seems to late to be implantation bleeding so I spent the day awaiting the dreaded AF. Every time I went to the toilet I felt anxious but so far no sign. 

Before bed I had a stabbing pain on my right ovary. I have this every so often and investigations have shown I have a few cysts on my ovaries, but apparently I don’t have pocs. Luckily it eased off after a while but it didn’t help my anxiety. I’m hoping that might be the cause of the spotting rather than my periods on its way. 

Two more days until my test day. This two week wait seems to have been going on for ever. 

3 thoughts on “9dp5dt

  1. Big hugs! The 2ww is the worst. Have you thought about testing? Sounds like you are beta or buster but I am tester because I just can’t wait. For majority of people, the masses, 9dp5dt should be pretty darn accurate. Good luck and hope you start to feel better. It’s almost over for better or worse. Hope it’s good news!

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