Big fat positive 

So here’s the post I never thought I’d get to write. 

I was convinced things hadn’t worked. I had more pink spotting before bed and was sure my period was coming.

I couldn’t sleep and had strange dreams. In the end I got up at 5.50 am and did my pee sample for the clinic. I did my pregnancy test and was sure it would be negative just like all the other times but it wasn’t. I had to just look at it over and over just to make sure. 

I woke my wife up to tell her and she didn’t believe me. She insisted on reading all the instructions as I’d must have got it wrong but it wasn’t. I was actually pregnant. We were both to shocked to go back to sleep. 

The clinic did their own urine test this morning and confirmed they also had a positive result. We now have two positive pregnancy tests in our baby box. 

The clinic took my blood but the results took several hours to come back. I was told that my hcg levels needed to over 50. Everyone at the clinic seemed so excited for us. Our doctor came to see us between his patients. We were asked if they could text the receptionist as she was on holiday and would be so happy to find out. 

I was given a letter for my gp as some of my medication can now be provided on the NHS. My fragmin can’t yet but can after 7weeks. It cost £95 for the fragmin I need but it’s worth every penny. 

My blood results came back. My hcg levels were 518. I couldn’t believe it. I keep thinking it might be twins. 

I keep thinking this must be a dream and I’m going to wake up at any moment.

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