What’s next

It’s been two and a half weeks since I started bleeding because I was having a miscarriage. The last few days I have had incredibly sore boobs, cramps in my legs and have been so so tired. I have also been incredibly moody. I am hoping this means I’m ovulating or my period is coming. I feel like I need to get back to normal as soon as possible. I’m fed up with being tired. 

I’m booked in to see our ivf consultant on 12th April and I’m hoping I can try again pretty quickly. I have just two frozen embryos left and I’ve decided that using them will be my last try. Emotionally, physically and financially I do not feel like another round of ivf is right for me. It’s five and half years of fertility treatments and investigations and I feel like it’s now enough. 

The two embryos left are a day five and day six blastocyst and they were the worst two of the four we froze but are still OK quality. I’ve heard stories from others who got pregnant with their last frozen embryo so you never know. 

If the last two embryos don’t work my wife will try donor insemination. I’ve always wanted to be pregnant and she isn’t so sure. Her periods have always been odd and she’s had gynie issues on and off for years. She’s also petrified of giving birth. I’ve joked that on paper I looked like the best bet. My periods are regular and I am rarely ill yet I’ve bet she’ll get pregnant first try. Hopefully she will. 

2 thoughts on “What’s next

  1. I’m really sorry about your miscarriage. I understand your feelings that you don’t want to go through IVF again. There comes a point where everyone reaches their limit. I hope that your appointment at the doctor will go well and I’m hoping that one of your frozen embryos will work!

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