On Wednesday I had a appointment with my fertility consultant. He’s happy for me to have another frozen embryo transfer once I have had two periods,  however if my periods aren’t normal he’d prefer me to wait longer. I am keen to have treatment as soon as I can, but my wife is unsure. My wife is more in touch with her emotions whereas I’m more practical. I feel like I need a plan and something to aim for whereas she works through all the emotions in stages. 

It’s been over four weeks since my miscarriage bleeding started and I’m waiting for my period to return. I’ve never wanted a period to come as much as I do right now. I’m moody so fingers crossed it’s on its way. 

I’ve decided this will be my last treatment. I have two frozen embryos left and I have decided to have both transfered once I’m able. I’ve been doing positive visualisation and some mindfulness so I can keep calm, but knowing this is my last chance does put some pressure on. 

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