Update on my last month 

 I always find during ivf treatments I do not feel like socialising. When your on medication and your tired and moody, going out isn’t always what you want to do. There’s also the drinking issue. As soon as you say your not having a drink everyone thinks your pregnant. 

So the last month I’ve been making up for neglecting my friends. I’ve been out for nice meals, drank procecco in pub gardens and been for posh afternoon teas. I have also spent quality time with my wife. Walking miles around London drinking the most extravagant cocktails, as you do. 

Sometimes infertility takes over your life and I’ve needed this space to reconnect to myself and to recover and find some peace. I’d originally wanted to get right back on the ivf horse but I’m glad I’ve given myself some time. 

We’ve decided to have our next frozen egg transfer in August so I have another 6weeks before any meds start. The thought of doing this again does still make me a little anxious but I’m working on limiting my stress as much as possible. I don’t think I could ever eliminate all the stress and anxiety that comes with ivf. I’ve had so many disappointments my mind finds it hard to believe that positive things will happen. 

I have tried my first fertility massage last week. I’ve read about it over the years but there was no one near me practising it. However I’ve now found someone 5 miles away that does it. She was so good. She did visualisation as part of the massage and was such a spiritual person. She really put me at ease. So I’m going back again before the next transfer. I’d really recommend it. 

Otherwise my preparation is nothing special. I already eat well and take multivitamins. I already so to acupuncture and practice yoga. I’m just going to continue in the run up to ivf number 6.

4 thoughts on “Update on my last month 

  1. Hey. I’ve always taken several months between all my IVF cycles and I’ve needed them just to get my emotional strength up. It’s really nice as you say to be able to live normally for awhile again too and just drink and go out without worrying about anything. Of course all this is a sorry replacement for if IVF had worked out and you were pregnant. I remember getting fertility massage a few years ago and finding it really nice. Hope the next few weeks go well for you and wishing you all the best for August! I’m in the middle of a TWW wait currently for our 4th and final IVF.

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