Ivf number 6

My period came this morning exactly on time. I’m back to a 29 day cycle which is my normal and so my next ivf can start. 

This will be ivf number 6 (frozen transfer number 4) and I have decided this will be my last ivf transfer. If this doesn’t work then my wife will take over and have the next treatments. It feels odd that if this doesn’t work that this is it for carrying a baby, but my body has been through so much it feels like the right decision. 

My suprecur should start 3 weeks today and I will need to go in for my endo scratch and get my blood tests. I’ve written all the medication I have laying around the house down so I can tell the clinic today so the right amounts get ordered. So if all goes well transfer would be in around 6 weeks. Depending on how I react to the suprecur as sometimes I act odd. 

I so far feel OK about all of this however there’s that part of me that’s scared. Part of me that’s worried I’ll miscarry again and how I will cope with that happening again. I don’t think that worry will ever go away. I’m sure even if my wife gets pregnant in the future I’ll be a nervous wreak waiting for something to go wrong. 

So here’s to ivf number 6. My fingers crossed for this one. 

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