Starting ivf number 6

So on Wednesday I had my endometrial scratch. Unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you look it, I now work on the same hospital site as my fertility clinic. So I found myself running to the clinic for my scratch, having it done and then running back. 

I love my job, but it is very stressful. Normally this is fine and I live for the fast paced, crazy days. However when you add ivf stress on top of this it can all become a bit much. Running back and forth from appointments is not ideal. 

The supercur started yesterday and so far so good. I’ve done this so many times now I don’t even think about it. Thankfully I have some time off to visit family so I can try and manage my stress levels a little better. 

I’ve also booked in for a spa day at the end of this month and I have my acupuncture and fertility massage booked in. Fingers crossed if my body reacts how it should on supercur then I’ll be having the transfer mid August. Unfortunately my body acts differently every time and I’ve had one transfer cancelled before because my body would not play ball. Other times have worked like clockwork. There’s no consistency. 

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