Week one of supercur 

So I’ve made it through week one of supercur. So far it hasn’t been to bad. I’ve had a few headaches, which is normal for me on supercur, but I’ve not been suffering from the hot flushes I’ve had previously. I’m sure there is still time however. 

I’ve had a great week visiting family and spending a few days at the beach with my wife. The weather hasn’t been the best but I’ve still walked for miles, taking in beautiful scenery. I have also eaten my own body weight in fudge and ice cream, but I feel pretty relaxed right now. 

I have a hen night this weekend so I’ve decided what the heck, a few proseccos won’t hurt. Part of me thinks I should be eating well in the run up to my frozen transfer but the other part if me is thinking just enjoy yourself. This week I have felt myself relax and I’ve really laughed. It seems a while since I really let myself go and laughed. 

I’ve also been staying in a place with the worst Internet connection and it’s been pretty liberating not checking the Internet all the time. It’s a shame I’m not this switched off in real life. 

I’m hoping some of this relaxed carefree me will remain in the run up to ivf number 6. I’m also hoping my period comes in the next few days and we can crack on with this next, and last ivf. Here’s to week two of supercur. 

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