Supercur week 2

So I’ve made it to week two on supercur. My period came right on time last Saturday. Supercur can make my periods a bit odd sometimes so to have my period come on day 30 was pretty good. My periods are normally 29 to 30 days anyway. Supercur has done odd things to me in the past so I always worry when my periods don’t come on supercur.

My periods are however always long on supercur. At least that’s one thing I can rely on with all of this.

Today I had my scan to check my ovaries are not doing much and that my lining is thin. Thankfully all was good and how it should be, which was a relief. As all is looking good, I start my estrogen tablets tonight.

I have my plan all written down and transfer will take place on 17th August. It happens to be my birthday weekend. However as I have nice things booked in for my birthday it will be a welcome distraction to not be thinking about ivf and babies all the time. I can chill out with my friends and just be normal.

So physically so far so good. The supercur has made me tired and bloated but otherwise I’m feeling OK.

Mentally I’m also feeling OK. I feel relaxed. I’m booked into a spa this weekend and I have my fertility massage and acupuncture booked in next week. I have been doing my relaxation dvd and trying to limit my stress levels. However I know the nearer I get to transfer the more stressed I will feel. So let’s see what next week brings

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