Random bleeding

So I’ve been spotting a bit all this week. My period was 10 days long and even when it kind of finished I was having spotting every morning. suprecur always makes my periods a little longer so I wasn’t to worried. My clinic told me spotting can be common and not to worry unless the bleeding gets heavier.

So today it gets heavier. Lots of red blood that’s full of clots (sorry, gross I know). So I called the clinic and this does not sound good. I’m back in Friday for a scan so they are hoping they can figure out what’s happening. If things aren’t doing what they are meant to then the frozen transfer may be cancelled.

I’m just hoping my bleeding stops and I can continue. This definitely isn’t the best thing for making a nice thick womb lining.

2 thoughts on “Random bleeding

  1. gosh that sounds strange alright. Glad to hear you clinic will be checking things out. Yeah, you might have to postpone unfortunately if it looks like your lining won’t be thick enough, unless they can give you something to help that. Hoping the bleeding will stop!

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