Week four of ivf meds

So I’ve made it to week four. I’m no longer feeling really ill so it’s possible I had a bug that just happened around the time I increased my tablets. I still feel a little sick and so tired but I normally feel like this on my medication. The clinic are therefore happy that I continue on my current medication.

My scan today was all good. My lining is 9.4, which is good. Last time at this point it was 9.5 so I’m on course for a nice thick lining. As everything is looking good it means today was my last suprecur injection and the progesterone pessaries start tonight. Transfer will definitely be Thursday lunchtime as long as my two embryos defrost. Fingers crossed.

So far I feel OK. Work is very busy and I have a lot to do next week but I’m trying not to stress out. I feel OK about the transfer. I know what to expect. I’ve been here many times before.

I think I’ll become more stressed if I actually become pregnant. Now I have experienced miscarriage, that is my worst fear. The ivf not working I can cope with, but getting pregnant only for it to end was devastating. I thought of that happening again is terrible.

So right now I’m just going to take care of myself and I’m going to look forward to having some time off work after transfer.

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