Transfer day

So here I am at transfer day. My sixth transfer in five years. My file at the clinic is so large that every time someone lifts it up I make a joke about it.

My last two frozen embryos both defrosted OK and are now hopefully dividing away in my womb. One is a 5 day blastocyst and the other a day 6.

I seem to have some transfer day rituals. These have gradually increased and I’m to scared not to do them just in case. Especially as the last transfer resulted in a pregnancy.

So yesterday evening I had a bath. Seems to help me relax and sleep better so I do this every time. I also shave my legs and wash my hair so it’s all sorted and I do not have to worry about it in the morning. I have also got into the habit of having poached egg and avocado on toast as my pre transfer breakfast with a beetroot smoothie on the side. I read somewhere that beetroot is good for the blood and supports implication. So it’s become the random thing I drink the morning of transfer. I popped a lucky crystal in my pocket and off we went.

When I write this down it makes me laugh. I’m sure none of this ensures a pregnancy.

The clinic originally wanted me back to test on Tuesday 29th (our wedding anniversary). My day 14 is the Saturday but they do not test over the weekend and Monday is a bank holiday. However they have now decided to test on day 13, which will be the Friday. Apparently in a few cases this is to early to test and it’s not reliable but that’s rare so I should be OK.

So I have a just over a week wait so it shouldn’t be to bad.

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