So 4days on and I haven’t felt much.

As my test was positive last time I keep trying to remember how I felt so I can compare. I reread my blogs from last time and I didn’t feel any different at this point so that has reassured me a bit.

I’ve only got to wait until Friday for my results so it’s not that long. However this is the worst part. I’m trying not to get my hopes up too much. I suppose I’m trying to protect myself if this doesn’t work.

I had a busy weekend which has done me some good and kept me from worrying. It was my birthday so I had friends visit and we went out for some nice meals and a nice walk. I had booked a cocktail high tea with my friends months and months ago but the place did me some lovely mock tails and made them look beautiful so I didn’t feel left out.

Today I have decided to have a lazy day and just relax, read and watch rubbish TV which is a nice treat for me. I’m just going to enjoy the day off and make the most of it.

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