5 weeks 4 days

The last few days I’ve felt slightly nauseous. Not enough that it effects my day but just now and again. It’s not consistent and happens at different times of the day. I also have moments when I feel really really hungry.

I’ve found it comforting that I’m feeling something and keep hoping it’s a good sign.

My sisters were both very sick in their pregnancies and it worries me that I’m not the same. My mum however had no sickness at all so I know everyone is different.

I’m now also a NHS patient and get my medication on prescription with is a lot cheaper. I also need to pick up my midwife pack and get booked in for my midwife appointment between 9 and 11 weeks which all seems surreal.

I still need my scan at the fertility clinic on 14th September. It seems like such a long time away and I’m not sure if I’ll go mad by then.

This morning I had some spotting. As soon as I saw it my heart sank. My anxiety levels have increased and I’ve been waiting all day for the worst to happen. However so far just some spotting when I go for a wee. It started after my morning pessary so I’m hoping my pessary just irritated me. My clinic have said light bleeding is common and not to worry. Both my sisters had spotting and my mum had what she thought were periods for the first few months she was pregnant with me.

I’m hoping I can stay positive but I felt like I’m waiting for something to go wrong.

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