6 weeks 5 days – my first scan

So today was my scan at the fertility clinic. I’ve been so anxious about it and I’ve thought of everything that could possibly go wrong.

The last week has seemed endless.

So here they are. Our twins

I saw both heart beats. One is slightly ahead and the other slightly behind but both in the normal range.

They are scanning me again on 28th then after that I’m discharged from the fertility clinic and just have normal services. I’m already booked into the midwife on 3rd October and my regular person scan will be at around 13 weeks.

I don’t know how people don’t go insane waiting from when they take their pregnancy test to 13 weeks without any idea what’s going on.

So far my symptoms aren’t too bad. My boobs hurt like crazy and occasionally I feel nauseous but not enough to put me off food. Yesterday I really fancied buying a chicken and mushroom pot noodle, throwing all the noodles away and drinking the juice. Not sure why. I haven’t eaten a pot noodle since I was a student. I didn’t buy one but it was a bit odd.

Otherwise I’m feeling good. Tired but good.

I still can’t believe I’m having a baby let alone two.

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