8 weeks 5 days

My second scan at the fertility clinic was yesterday. Luckily all is well and both babies are growing nicely. They also looked far more like babies this time rather than alien blobs. I saw them moving their arms and legs which was amazing. You could even see their finger bones developing. They wouldn’t both get in the scan picture at the same time.

I’m now officially discharged from the fertility clinic and am a regular pregnant person. My midwife appointment is next week and I’ll get my 12/13 week scan through the post at some point.

I still have to remind myself I’m pregnant even though I’ve seen them both on the screen it feels odd they are really in my belly.

My body seems to be really changing, which makes me feel slightly more pregnant. My tummy is rounded and my body is bigger in different places, however according to the scales I’ve not put much weight on. I put 3lb on as soon as I started the ivf meds and that’s stayed in place plus another 1lb since I’ve been pregnant.

My trousers are now all to small but luckily I tend to wear a lot of dresses. I don’t think the wind and constipation help with my swollen tummy.

My boobs are now bigger. I got measured and I have gone from a 34C to a 36D/DD. From the age of 14 to 25 I was a 34A and wanted bigger boobs so badly. I was so pleased when they went up to a B. Oddly all the ivf meds made them grow to a C and I’ve stayed at a C for the last 5 years. Now my boobs feel massive.

I’m still worried about losing the babies. Last time I was pregnant I worried about so many things: would my cat sit on the baby, how would we manage with money, would I poo when I gave birth and other stupid stuff. Having a miscarriage was something I hadn’t really considered.

This time none of the stupid stuff matters. All I care about is having these babies and not losing them. I worry every time I have spotting and every twinge makes me panic even though I’ve seen them both wiggling around.

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