9 weeks 4 days

Yesterday was my first midwife appointment at the GP surgery. It took about 50 minutes to go over everything. My wife came with me.

She took my blood pressure, weight and tested my wee. All three were good. I was asked a lot of questions about any genetic disorders in my family. Any previous operations and had to discuss the ivf and my previous miscarriage.

We had to fill in details about my wife however we didn’t have to answer details about her family genetics and we weren’t asked about the donor. There wasn’t a ticket box on the form for wife (only husband or partner) so my wife had to be classed as other on the form.

We were asked about alcohol use, smoking and drug use as well as whether we were on the child protection register.

My bloods where taken to test my blood count, for HIV and anemia. There was other stuff I think but I forget what. The results will be available at my next midwife appointment on 16th November.

I declined the test for downs syndrome. They give you a score which shows your risk. If your risk is high then they can test however the test can cause miscarriage. I wouldn’t risk the test and the results wouldn’t change things. I’d still go ahead with the pregnancy regardless so I decided to decline.

My 12 week scan appointment should come in the post sometime in the next two weeks. There’s no guarantee that the scan will be at 12 weeks and could be at 14. The thought of hiding this pregnancy until 14 weeks seems impossible. My stomach is already growing. We have looked at private scans nearby just in case we have to wait ages for the NHS one.

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