10 weeks 4 days

The last few days I have felt more and more anxious. My morning sickness has eased off which has worried me. I have read that lots of women see their symptoms ease at 10 weeks and my morning sickness has been mild so far anyway but that doesn’t stop me thinking something is wrong.

I know I’m lucky not to feel sick all the time but sometimes I wish I felt ill so I felt more pregnant.

I have also been waiting for my NHS scan appointment. I was told they are busy so it may take another 3 weeks. This hasn’t helped the anxiety as I keep thinking I’ll never be able to wait that long. So we decided to book a private scan for Saturday just to calm my thoughts. It’s £40 and you get 2 pictures.

I get annoyed at myself for feeling like this. There are times I’m really positive but every so often the fear takes over.

Obviously as soon as we booked the private scan my NHS appointment came through the post for 30th October.

If all is OK at the NHS scan we will start telling people outside our immediate family. I’m hoping once I’m passed 12 weeks I’ll feel calmer.

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