11 weeks 1day

Yesterday was my private scan. It was my first tummy scan as all my others have been internal.

I had to go with a full bladder, which wasn’t hard as my bladder seems to be full all the time.

The place was nice. The scan was done in a nice big room. There was a nice comfy chair for my wife to sit on and a big projector screen on the wall that showed the scan really clearly.

Both twins were doing great. One measured at 11 weeks and 1 day and the other at 11 weeks 3 days. They were both wiggling like crazy when the scan started. I saw both their hearts beating and there little hands and feet. Their faces were more defined and you could make out their noses and jaw line.

They normally only give you two pictures but as it was twins they gave us two of each twin.

The anxiety just fell away when I saw them and I was so happy that they were both OK. I am hoping I can now enjoy the fact that my morning sickness is gone rather than seeing it as a bad omen.

It’s only two weeks until I see them again on my NHS scan. Hopefully I will start enjoying being pregnant and stop worrying so much.

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