12 weeks

According to my own dates I’m 12 weeks today. My clinic have worked out I’m 12 weeks on Tuesday however my last scan put me slightly ahead of my dates so I would have been 12 weeks a couple of days ago.

I’ll get my dates on my scan on 30th and will know my due date.

I still can’t believe I’m at 12 weeks. I still have to remind myself I’m pregnant. My tummy is growing and my clothes are tight. I’m trying to hide it the best I can until I’ve had my scan and I’m getting excited about everyone knowing. It odd hiding something your so happy about.

As I’m now at 12 weeks it’s time to start coming of my medication. The clinic has told me to stop my estrogen tablets Tuesday. They have told me to just stop taking them and I do not need to come off them gradually which worries me. My fragmin injections also stop on Tuesday and I start taking a small aspirin each morning from Wednesday. My steroids are reduced gradually over 9 days so I feel more comfortable with that. My progesterone pessaries are still around until I get to 13 weeks and again I’ve been told just to stop them and not to reduce gradually.

It’s scary coming off all the medication and relying on my own body to do it’s thing. I’ve been on ivf medication since July. It’s taken over every morning and evening since then. I’m not sure what I’ll do with my extra time everyday

4 thoughts on “12 weeks

  1. I was scared stopping my meds too, but it was fine. My clinic actually stopped my estrogen at bfp but I continued on a half dose until they were all used up around 9 weeks because I was worried. Progesterone I intended to wean myself off, but then I forgot to take it for a few days so stopped. The only thing I did wean off was the steroids. No harm done but it is such a worry. Good luck!

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