13 weeks 5 days

So my pregnancy is out there in the world for every one to know. We told extended family on Monday and Tuesday. I told work on Tuesday and by Wednesday morning I was getting congratulations emails from people in other offices and departments. It’s strange how quick news travels.

It feels more real now and more exciting. I’m still anxious and every ache or pain makes me panic but I am trying to enjoy my pregnancy. I’ve had people come and rub my tummy at work now they know and I’ve had lots of advice. Some good and some not so good.

Today we decided to put the news on Facebook. I wasn’t sure at first about telling everyone online but I thought it’s pretty much out there anyway. I also decided to share the struggles we have had.

I’ve been honest about having ivf and not hidden it at all. Most people ask if twins are in the family as soon as I mention twins, however I’ve been clear they are here due to ivf.

I’ve had two people at work, who I don’t know that well, ask me about ivf as they are going through infertility. It’s always helped me to know I’m not the only person to go through infertility so if talking to someone else helps them, then I’m happy to talk about it.

One of the ladies I work with said she could see an angel on our scan picture. She told me her scan had the same thing and someone told her it was the angel of the baby she lost looking after her baby. I am not sure I believe in stuff like that but it’s a nice thought.

We did decide to lay some flowers today for the baby I lost. We never got far enough along to have a due date however the baby would have been due around mid November so we felt we needed to honour that. In my head the baby was a girl. I was always think of her and remember her.

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