21 weeks 2 days

Today was my anomaly scan.

Both twins were measured from top to toe. The sonographer checked their organs, measured their heads, and checked their faces. He confirmed everything was looking normal and they are the right size. Their hearts looked good and they were both wiggling around.

We decided not to know the sex. I want it to stay a surprise.

It’s a relief to know that they are both OK.

My sister is a midwife so she’s listened to them with a doppler last week. My own midwife doesn’t listen to them until the end of this month and it seemed like a long time to wait. It’s handy having my sister around to ask lots of questions.

So far symptom wise I’m still feeling well. I’ve been having some stretching pains and the twins movements are definitely more noticeable now. I’m also finding that my stomach is really itchy.

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