24 weeks and 2 days

Last Thursday evening I came home from work and had sore itchy feet. I soaked them in some water and thankfully they felt better. The next day I was on a course all day. I was sat on a horrible plastic chair and when I got home my back and hip hurt and my feet where hot swollen and itchy.

Saturday I felt better and the itching stopped so I put it down to swelling or an allergy. Sunday however the itching came back really badly and kept me awake. Obviously I googled it and saw itching feet and hands can be a sign of liver problems. So onMonday I called the community midwife office and they advised me to go to the gp and get a blood test.

I also spoke to my sister who is a midwife and she said it’s important to have a blood test, however itching can be because of other things. She had really itchy hands in pregnancy and her tests were normal.

The gp surgery managed to get me in Monday afternoon which was quick. I saw a locum doctor and he was really nice. He confirmed that I needed a blood test and ordered me one however, he could not do it and I had to see a nurse the next day. He did check my blood pressure and wee which were both normal. He did say itching in pregnancy is common.

My results came back today, as normal, so my liver is fine. My feet still itch but at least it is not anything serious.

Sleeping is getting hard. If I’m not itching, I’m getting up for a wee or suffering from cramp. I can’t get comfy however I position my pillow. The babies also like to have a party as soon as I lay down. I love feeling them, but night time seems to be there favourite time for moving. I suppose I need to get used to not sleeping for when they arrive.

2 thoughts on “24 weeks and 2 days

  1. I’ve started to get such an itchy stomach – it’s like a prickly skin itch and I could honestly rip my skin off!


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